The 3 Best Fertility Yoga DVDs for a Calm and Peaceful Pregnancy

Yoga exercises can help with increasing your fertility and chances of pregnancy. Though there is no guarantee, many women have found success becoming pregnant after following yoga exercises that focus on reproductive health. Here are the best fertility yoga DVDs that you can follow:

1. Bend, Breathe, and Conceive

This DVD is a fertility yoga practice with Anna Davis, PhD. Anna is a certified yoga instructor and neurophysiologist who has been practicing yoga for more than 25 years. She developed this yoga routine to help couples who are trying to get pregnant.

The good thing about this DVD is that it’s designed for beginners who haven’t done yoga, to experts who already have experience with it. However, since the pace is rather fast, many beginners find it difficult to keep up with the poses during the first try.

In this DVD, you will learn practices that act as a relief for stress and builds balance to promote a healthy and fertile reproductive health. The techniques involved include physical poses and yoga breathing combined with meditation to unify the mind, body, and spirit.

Bend, Breathe, and Conceive consists of a 20-minute introduction about the connection between fertility and yoga. The practice itself is a 60-minute yoga routine with a guided relaxation. You’ll need some props to follow along the poses in this DVD: a blanket, strap, and blocks.

Many women love Anna’s program and give it a high rating, though a few did give it a less than stellar rating. A woman who followed Anna’s training found herself pregnant even though she had been facing infertility for several years.

2. Yoga 4 Fertility with Brenda Strong

The Yoga 4 Fertility DVD runs for 60 minutes, and can be divided into two segments if you are limited in time. The techniques included in this practice are not only around yoga poses and breathing, but also massaging your ovaries, and Qi Gong. Similar to the previous DVD, this one also focuses on stress management to help with fertility.

The routine in this DVD will help to reduce your stress, boost your energy, raise your fitness level, make you feel relaxed, and improve your blood circulation. It is not like other yoga DVDs that can make you sweat heavily, rather it maintains a balance, especially in the reproductive organ area.

As a television series narrator, Brenda has a soothing voice that relaxes you as you follow along the routine in this DVD. Her voice is so calming that you might end up wanting to fall asleep halfway during the session. There is no music to accompany this session, which some women love because it doesn’t distract them from the poses.

One woman got pregnant after following Brenda’s exercise for only one month.

3. Restoring Fertility – Yoga for Optimal Fertility

This DVD is produced by fertility experts who have helped many women achieve pregnancy. There are four sets in this program that combine yoga with acupuncture. Each set is focused on a specific cycle in reproduction, namely the menstrual cycle, follicular cycle, ovulatory cycle, and luteal cycle.

It consists of two discs. The first disc has a 34-minute yoga exercise for the menstrual phase, and a 40-minute exercise for the follicular phase. It also has some breathing techniques as a bonus. The second disc has a 35-minute exercise for the ovulatory phase, and a short 15-minute exercise for the luteal phase.

Unlike Anna Davis and Brenda Strong’s programs that you can do over and over anytime, this series has you doing yoga sets for certain moments during your whole cycle. You must pay attention to when you need to do the right exercise to get the best result. The DVD tells you which exercise to do during the days of your cycle.…

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Maca VS Vitex for Fertility – 37% Increase in Pregnancy

Maca VS Vitex, which one is better for fertility? How about taking both together? These herbs are known to increase pregnancy by 37% in women who …

Maca and Vitex are among the most well-known fertility herbs. It’s because there are many success stories from women who became pregnant after taking these herbs. Since they are herbs, there are no long-term side effects from consumption, though results take a few months.

Maca root can be considered food-grade, in that you can consume Maca daily without any long-term side effects. People who take this herb feel the effect within a few days. It helps to act as an energy booster and regulates hormonal balance. Both men and women can take Maca since it not only balances estrogen and progesterone, but can also increase sperm count.

Not all Maca are made equally, special care needs to be given to extract the alkaloids beneficial for fertility. Depending on your situation, menstrual cycles included, you might need different compounds from the Maca than other people. Therefore, there is some carefulness required when consuming Maca.

Similar to Maca, Vitex, also known as Chasteberry, controls the balance of hormones. It’s especially useful for menstrual cycle issues and low progesterone, helping women get healthy, regular cycles. Unlike Maca, Vitex requires some time before you can feel the effects since it acts slowly. You might have to wait a few weeks or months before the effects start to become noticeable.

Some women report side effects of being more emotional after taking Vitex. But these personal experiences aren’t conclusive, since living conditions and life challenges happening while taking this herb can contribute to increased stress.

Vitex has an opposite effect on men than on women. It can reduce libido on men and also decrease testosterone production. Maca, on the other hand, can result in high sperm production and increase sperm motility. It can boost sex drive for a couple, and affects the adrenal glands, making you feel better energy and liveliness.

For women who have stopped taking birth control pills, Maca and Vitex can help to return your cycle to a regular state. Do notice that it will take some time, and if your cycles don’t come back, you will have to consult a physician to figure out if there are other symptoms in the way.

Considering these properties, it’s best to start a program where you include Maca or Vitex. If you’re wondering Maca vs Vitex, which one is better, you can take both of them together in your daily diet. Take one 400 mg capsule a day for Vitex, one tablespoon for Maca. You can also begin with a lower dose to see how it affects your body.

Plan for around three to six months of routine consumption before measuring any effects or not. Using both herbs can improve your success of conceiving, as the study below revealed.

A study by Antoine E., Chirila S., and Teodorescu C. [1] discovered that a blend of Vitex, Maca, and active folate resulted in a successful pregnancy rate of 37% among 189 women. It means one out of three women who were trying to conceive successfully became pregnant during the duration of the study.

The average age of women who participated is 31 years old. On top of that, there were no reports of side effects for six months after the study. The study concludes that Vitex and Maca increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Fertility herbs can be a very helpful addition to your diet, but it’s highly recommended to focus on eating right first before relying on supplements. It won’t do you much good, probably none at all, if you still consume alcohol, sugar, and process products. With a healthy nutrition ecosystem, you can increase the effectiveness of these herbs and raise your chances of pregnancy.


[1] A Patented Blend Consisting of a Combination of Vitex agnus-castus Extract, Lepidium meyenii (Maca) Extract and Active Folate, a Nutritional Supplement for Improving Fertility in Women.…

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A New Mother’s Guide to Post Pregnancy Workout Plan

A post pregnancy workout plan is something that every new mother should consider. It does not matter that you never went to the gym before you became pregnant, you will want to exercise to lose the additional weight you have gained during the pregnancy. There are a number of tips that you should consider when you create your post pregnancy workout plan.

Start Slow

A lot of new mothers make the mistake of assuming that they will be able to go back to the workout routine they had before the pregnancy. This is a big mistake because you have been off for 9 months and will not be as fit as you were. You also have to consider how you gave birth because this could affect how quickly you can start working out again.

Women who have cesarean sections will need to wait at least 6 weeks before they start slowly exercising again. If you gave birth naturally you will also need to wait a few weeks before getting into this. If you push yourself too hard too fast you will be setting your body back. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t go for a nice slow walk around during this time.

Do Not Start With Heavy Exercise

When you get back to working out you should look for some low impact exercises to start with. Water classes should be looked at along with mild yoga. Lifting weights and high-intensity workouts need to be left for a while. If you start with the heavy exercise you could injure yourself as the body is still recovering from labor.

Start With Walking

The first part of your post pregnancy workout plan should actually be to start walking. Walking is a gentle cardiovascular exercise that is completely natural. You will also be able to give your baby some fresh air by taking them on the walk with you. If you feel you will get bored with walking then you need to look at swimming.

You do not have to go to a water-based exercise class as normal swimming works well. Swimming is considered low-impact, but it will work many different parts of your body. Getting your body ready for further exercise is essential when you are starting.

Look At The Abdominal Muscles

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles are stretched and you will want to get them back to their regular firmness. Looking at exercises such as crunches and planks will help to work these muscles. This is particularly important for women who have suffered a separation of the abdominal muscles. This is something your doctor can check for when you go for the 6 week check up. However, if this is the case you must not overwork the muscles and you might want to take it easier on the crunches.

Hydrate And Rest

Part of your plan should be when you will rest and monitoring how hydrated you are. You need to stay hydrated when you start particularly if you are going to breastfeed. You also need to plan time to rest because exercise and a new baby will be tough on the body.…

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International Adoption Through the Eyes of an Attorney

Compared to domestic adoption, international adoption has unique benefits and pitfalls. Adopting a child from overseas is like undertaking an exciting and magical journey to someone else’s land, culture, traditions and language; learning to accept that culture and traditions; and getting a child to love as yours. However, that journey can not only be exciting, but also dangerous and involve certain risks. What are they?

First, a prospective parent who is a U.S. citizen, needs to comply with at least four major sets of laws: U.S. immigration laws and the immigration laws of a foreign country, the adoption laws of the state where the parent resides, and the adoption laws of a foreign country. While seemingly complicated, those laws will most likely change as you go through the process of adoption. Not staying on top of the developments in these laws may cause delays, complications and frustration in completing the adoption.

Second, in a foreign country, you will most likely be dealing with a government with an unstable political regime. Unless special precautions are taken, you will be represented before a foreign government by people whom you do not know and have not chosen, and over whom you have no control. All that creates possibilities for fraud. According to the U.S. Department of State, the most common frauds in international adoption are offering a child for adoption who is known to be seriously sick and obtaining prepayment for adoption services which were never intended to be performed (i.e., obtaining prepayment for a non-existent child). A primary concern in international adoption should therefore be to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. One way of accomplishing this task is to minimize dealing with strangers in a foreign country.

Third, in the U.S., you will be dealing with an adoption agency. The job of an adoption agency is to locate a child in the country of your choice, to forward your dossier to a representative in that country, and to arrange for your trip to the place where the child is located. Not every agency is qualified to do business in every country. Thus, you want to have assurance that the agency you retain is not only qualified in the country of your choice, but that it will perform its obligations to the best of its ability.

Fourth, the amount of paperwork to be completed to create your dossier for international adoption is staggering (not to mention that most of the documents to be prepared are legal by nature – various representations, guaranties, obligations, etc.) In the eyes of many, the paperwork is the most intimidating part of international adoption. Thus, it makes a great deal of sense to delegate the responsibility of dealing with it to a specialist.

Finally, international adoption is not cheap and may take several months (in some instances, more than a year) to complete. You really need to protect yourself to ensure that your pre-payment is not lost or misused. Most delays are caused by changes in circumstances (which usually have to do with dealing with U.S. and foreign governments.) The best way to minimize these delays is to anticipate them, using the experience of others as a guiding light.

You ought to look for an attorney representing prospective parents from the United States, in the adoption of a child from a foreign nation, that can:

  • reduce the risks inherent to the process
  • take the burden of dealing with American and foreign government off of your shoulders
  • make the entire undertaking as quick as possible
  • guide you through the process of making some of the most important decisions in your lives

A good international adoption attorney helps prospective parents to navigate through the complicated and often confusing process of complying with adoption and immigration laws of the United States and a foreign country. They deal with the intimidating task of dossier preparation and other legal documentation and take upon themselves all other legal and organizational tasks of the process.

International adoption is not only filled with unparalleled excitement and fulfillment, but also contains hidden pitfalls. In partnership with their clients, attorneys should take care of the pitfalls, leaving you to “deal” with the true excitement. Other than adopting a child, true excitement also lies in being able to give birth to a child of your own. Pregnancy Miracle Method is a service that helps you to achieve that goal if that is what you want.

If you want to know whether an attorney can help you, find one near you. Your communication will be free and confidential. And if you decide to proceed on your own, I wish you good luck and my very best wishes for success.…

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Things To Know When Making Sweets For Children

Children need their parents. They need more than food, clothing and a roof over their head. They also need love and attention. They need to do things together with their parents, as this is what contributes to strengthening the bond between them. There are parents who prefer to ignore these needs, but most of them do try to spend quality time with their children. Cooking is one of the most loved activities, as it involves cooperation and creativity.

Making sweets for children can be a good way to show them how much you care for them. However, you should be careful not to turn this harmless activity into a daunting one. A healthy nutrition doesn’t involve the consumption of high amounts of sugar, so you need to be creative when you choose your recipes. If you need to use chocolate, choose the dark variant, as it doesn’t contain too much sugar. If your recipes call for sugar, always buy brown, as it is less refined than the white. The less refined it is, the less daunting it’s going to be, so try to stay on the healthy side of things. Besides, your children won’t be able to tell the difference, as they are going to be happy you make sweets with them anyway.

The difficulty of the recipes is another thing to watch when making sweets for children, especially if you intend to involve them in the cooking process. If you choose complex recipes, the kids won’t be able to follow you, so they aren’t going to have too much fun. On the contrary, by choosing easy recipes that don’t involve too many ingredients, your children are going to be happy to cooperate.

Here is a list of recipes for ideas

Marshmallows can be an excellent idea, as they are low in sugar and relatively easy to prepare. Nonetheless, you need to be very careful with the baking temperature, as you can easily ruin them by choosing the wrong setting. If you want to add more fun to your cooking session, you can mix and match various colors, and invite your kids to create funny patterns. You don’t need to use chemical colors, as you can obtain some interesting shades by adding various fruit extracts into the mix. Blueberries can give you a dark blue color, strawberries a vivid red, while crushed mint can help you create green marshmallows.

Pancakes and donuts are two other sweets children love to see their parents cooking for them. There’s nothing more exciting than flipping over a pancake in the pan, so you should be prepared to go through an intensive cleaning session after the cooking. Nonetheless, your children are going to enjoy these priceless moments spent together with you. A little cleaning is a small price to pay for such a great joy. Besides, you can always ask the kids to contribute to the cleaning, as well. Life isn’t all fun and games, and the earlier your little ones learn this, the better for them.…

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New Mom? Here are Four Productivity Tips to Keep You Sane

It’s no secret – being a new mom means starting a new life.

If it’s your first baby, nothing can prepare you for the changes you need to make. Where previously you were alone (or with your spouse), now you have a little human being needing you 24 hours a day. With such a huge and time consuming responsibility, many new mothers get overwhelmed.

They attempt to do too many things at once, thinking they can do the same things like before the baby arrived. If you have a new member of the family and you find yourself running out of time and power, here are four productivity tips for new moms you can use to improve time management.

1 – Admit what you can accomplish in a day

Some women are natural super moms. But most women are just ordinary mortals. Instead of trying to become a super mom yourself and failing, admit to what you can accomplish. When you admit what you can accomplish, you take off the pressure of having to do things you know you don’t have time for. It also frees up your emotions from guilt and makes you productive doing what you can do.

2 – Don’t underestimate the power of planning

If you rarely planned before, now is the time to do it right. Every little advantage you can get goes a long way to help you raise a beautiful and healthy child. Plan ahead and create a schedule for regular household chores and even meal menus. Also plan for details that can save time such as keeping an extra diaper bag in the care for emergencies. But know that things can and often don’t go according to plan, so when that happens stay flexible and adjust to the changes.

3 – Accept other people’s help

New moms are very protective of their baby, and that’s OK. But you don’t have to be protective about the details about taking care of your baby. When other people – such as family members or friends – offer to help, say Yes! You can ask them to help you with the chores you have planned or other simple tasks that don’t involve handling the baby directly. Most people will be glad to help you.

On the opposing side of accepting help, learn to say No! If other people ask for your time or energy for a project or other task, it’s alright to decline. At first, it may feel difficult to say no when someone asks for help, but it reserves your energy and time to attend the baby. Alternatively, you can say yes once you have a working system in place where you can take care of the baby seamlessly.

4 – Simplify the process

Talking about creating a working system, think about simplifying your tasks. Instead of seeing a chore as one big task to do, figure out if it can be broken down into small chores. These small chores should only take a short time so you can finish them when the baby sleeps or other pauses. Once you get the rhythm of your baby, you can adjust chores around that rhythm to streamline the process.

As many parents realize, there is no school for parenting. Even if there is, each baby is a different challenge. These productivity tips for new moms aim to give you a guideline to help you become productive and happy while still taking good care of your baby.…

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How to Help a Child: Adoption, Foster Care, or Sponsor?

A few months ago was National Adoption Month. There was a lot of action online in blog posts and on social media calling us to learn more and take action to help a child in need. Consider what you can do to help the cause!

There are many different ways to help children in need. As a religious person, I struggle to look away from those suffering on this earth. We are called by God not to ignore those in need. We must take action and help those who are suffering.

What are YOU doing to help our worlds children?

How are you stepping up to help those in need?

It’s saddening to know that not all children are given the same amazing start in life that we are blessed to experience. Did you know that there are many ways to help a child?

Have you ever considered adoption?

I am not saying that if you have not adopted a child you are not doing your part. As a matter of fact, many women don’t adopt children to save them, but instead to become a mother. If you have ever wondered about adoption, at least look into your options.

Perhaps foster care is where you need to be?

So many children in your own community need a stable environment where they can feel safe, cared for and loved. This is not always a feel good task. Please don’t jump into it thinking it will be.

It can be difficult, and perhaps in the thick of it not very rewarding at all. But the rewards don’t hide forever. You can make a difference in a child’s life without adopting them.

Foster care was originally set up to be a safe but temporary place for a child to go while their home situation was returned to a stable environment. I do realize that is not always the case and from there came the foster to adopt programs. But it points out that there are many avenues you could help!

I encourage you to listen to this podcast episode by Jamie Ivey if you are curious at all about fostering. Perhaps listening to these lovely ladies chat about their experiences in a casual environment will open your eyes to what fostering is all about and if it is something you want to pursue further.

What about sponsoring a child?

There is an organization called Compassion Canada and what they can do for children all over this world is a blessing. They have an amazing program where you can have the opportunity to bless a child by sponsoring them and encouraging them through letters.

By doing this you are helping this child be fed, go to school, and get the medical help that they need.

Yes, they will be blessed, but the really cool thing is that you will be blessed too!

You see it’s not just about giving money and then forgetting about this child. It’s about forming a relationship. You get to write back and forth to the children you sponsor, you get to learn about each other, and see that people live differently in different places in our world.

It’s a good chance to learn all about having a giving spirit and how to pray for another person. You can learn to sacrifice your time to think of someone else!

You are caring for someone in need and the results can be spread far and wide from there. I highly encourage you to check out Compassion Canada and become involved in another child’s life.

Perhaps you don’t feel called to take action and sign up, and maybe adoption or foster care isn’t something you feel you need to do.

Have more money than time?

There are so many needs and charities out there and life can become busy in a flash. I urge you to consider donating to one of the below charities as many families need help saving up to be able to adopt.

Abba Canada – This is an amazing program dedicated to helping families waiting to adopt. Your family can receive a grant from them.

Adopt Together – This is a crowd funding site that American’s use to request funds for their adoption. They set up a profile and start fund raising just like that! Scroll to the bottom and any one of the families listed would be thrilled to be blessed through a donation.

What about becoming a prayer warrior?

Your prayers are needed! You can still be a help on this earth just by praying.

Finally, consider volunteering

Try calling up your local agency and asking if they need a volunteer for anything. I am sure they can find something for you to do! Perhaps make a nutritious meal plan for children at orphanages? Or hosting a fundraiser for your agency is your thing?Adoption agencies often have more expenses then they can handle and something like that would be very appreciated.

I hope this list has helped you see that there are so many ways to help children in need. This post was meant to get you thinking and researching. The links shared are of course just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure you can hit up Google or your local church for many more suggestions!

Please consider what YOU can do to help God’s children … that is all.…

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Concerns About Naturally Getting Pregnant After 40

The average age of pregnancy is higher today than it was in the past. A few decades ago, the average age when a woman gave birth to a child is in her mid-20’s. Nowadays, women are delaying getting married and having children in favor of a career or other life pursuit. As an effect, the average age of giving birth has increased to late-20’s. On top of that, there is a triple increase in the number of women who give birth after reaching 40 years of age.

Giving birth at such age has complications, especially if you are thinking about getting pregnant after 40 naturally without using artificial procedures such as in vitro fertilization or enzyme therapy. The risks involved include:

  • difficulty in conception (caused by the reproductive health of your partner who is also at a mature age)
  • a higher risk of miscarriages (due to your body’s decreasing strength)
  • and other health factors that can become an obstacle in giving a healthy birth

Although there are various issues that can make it difficult, the primary problem when giving birth at a mature age is caused by ovarian cycle issues, according to a study conducted by Dr. D. Navot. He says that if the ovarian cycle is restored to the normal state, then the reproductive organs of a woman in her 40’s is capable of conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy to full term.

The ovarian cycle is affected by the hormonal balance. The lifestyle of modern women tend to be not healthy in terms of nutrition, exercise, and stress levels. If the normal balance of hormones important for reproducing is restored then it can help to improve the chances of conceiving and getting pregnant.

One of the major health risks that threaten your hormonal balance is obesity. Obesity is an endemic physical condition that many men and women have. According to research, it is a primary cause of infertility and can also disturb the normal ovarian cycle. Therefore, one of the ways to return your ovarian cycle to a normal state is by maintaining a healthy body weight.

You can maintain a good body weight by eating healthy nutrition and doing exercise. Some of the foods you should increase in your diet include vegetables, especially green vegetables. Vegetables worthy of being on your list are: broccoli, cabbage, spinach, wheat grass, and others.

Wheat grass is considered a super food. Super foods are a good option here because they are rich in nutrition but low in calories and free from harmful chemicals that are found in processed foods. You probably already have super foods stocked in your home but you are unaware of it. Another green vegetable that is a super food is kale which has many nutrients for many health benefits.

For your protein needs, you can eat eggs. Eggs provide amino acids and other micro nutrients that are essential for pregnancy. Getting enough nutrients and protein from these sources helps to strengthen your body by eliminating harmful toxins, preventing damage, and rejuvenating tissues and cells.

Besides a diet, doing exercise is very beneficial for your body’s health. Do the exercise that you can do, whether it is merely for moving your body or shedding excess body weight. The number of exercises you can do is plenty, and one good recommendation is to look at

On the other side, avoid eating food and drinks that are harmful. It makes sense to avoid drinking soda and other sugar filled and caffeinated drinks and also alcohol. If possible, eliminate all foods that are processed and contain chemicals you can’t even read (although this is difficult to do since processed foods are ubiquitous in today’s world).

When you combine a healthy diet, exercise, and avoid unhealthy habits, you can restore your ovarian cycle to a normal balance and increase your chances of getting pregnant after 40 naturally.…

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3 Ways Fertility Enzyme Therapy Increases Chances of Pregnancy

There are many different types of enzymes in the human body. The human body needs these enzymes for multiple processes. They are responsible for building new proteins, organs, tissues, cells as well as breaking down the same tissues. The concentration of enzymes in human bodies is responsible for repairing injuries as well as warding off various diseases.

It is estimated that there are over 3,000 different types of enzymes in the body and all the different types of enzymes are needed to ensure that various bodily functions keep working without any problems. These enzymes are involved in digestion, reproduction, breathing, blood coagulation and various other bodily functions.

The human body can fight disease and infection strongly if there is enough enzymes in the body. These enzymes also play a role in repairing damaged tissue, and in reproductive functions. In other words, the human body, especially fertility, cannot function without various types of enzymes.

The body generates enough enzyme through 25 years of age, but this amount begins to reduce as time passes by. The effect is that it takes longer for the body to heal, becomes more open to diseases, and overall degeneration of the physique.

Systemic enzyme therapy can help to resupply the amount of enzymes in the human body. Systemic enzymes means that these enzymes work in all the parts of the body to achieve balance, not only in certain parts like digestive enzymes.

When it comes to fertility, enzymes play an important role. This is the reason that natural fertility enzyme therapy has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, by applying systemic enzyme therapy. Here is three of the major benefits of fertility enzyme therapy.


One of the biggest benefits of enzyme therapy is that systemic enzymes have an anti-inflammatory effect. Enzymes help in breaking down various substances in the blood that are responsible for infections and creating inflammation. Enzymes reduce inflammation from infections by breaking down the proteins that are responsible for the defense of pathogens, making these pathogens weak and easily destroyed. reports that chronic inflammation may lead to injury to the healthy tissue in the reproductive system. Such an injury in the reproductive system may cause infection that may lead to creation of scar tissue as well as adhesion formation. It may also lead to pain. Therefore, women experiencing chronic inflammation that is related to fertility stand to benefit greatly from enzyme therapy.

Regulate Auto Immune Response

Hyper immune response by the body is also one of the major causes of infertility. Systematic enzyme therapy can help in reducing the occurrence of such kind of response. In fact, some research studies have shown that these enzymes may help in preventing the rejection of the fetus by the reproductive system due to autoimmune errors.

Improve Blood Flow

These enzymes are also known to improve blood flow by preventing abnormal blood clotting, preventing aggregation of platelets and by increasing flexibility of the red blood cells. These help in promoting better blood circulation.

Enzymes clean the blood vessels from debris and toxin, and at the same time encourages healthy tissue growth. In simple terms, it can also be said that these enzymes help in making the blood less sticky that is beneficial for reproductive health in a variety of ways.

Overall, there are a number of benefits of enzyme therapy when it comes to fertility. Eating foods that are high in enzymes also help to increase your enzyme health, such as bromelain in pineapples and papain in papaya. Read this E Factor Diet real review to learn more about the benefits of enzymatic foods for your health.

It is important that you take proper care and get this therapy from an experienced doctor to ensure that you get all the necessary enzymes in the right concentration. You should not start this therapy on your own as it can be dangerous for your health.…

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We Help You Make Parenthood Possible

Welcome to A Family of My Own!

This website is dedicate to give you the latest information about fertility, adoption, and general wellness to help you build a family full of love and joy.

Our information is free and we aspire to become a top-notch resource to learn about building a family and helping you conceive your first child or adopting one.

The topics we cover include fertility options for women and men, what you need to know about adoption, and treatments for your health to support you having a baby soon. We also talk about IVF as an option, as it has proven to help one 46 year old woman to conceive with her own eggs (FOX53 Interview).

With our website, you can save hours by learning from the information we provide here in one place.

Our Mission

To create an education website that gives information on the most comprehensive fertility and adoption options.

Our Vision

To empower men and women around the world to reach their dream of having a family of their own.


A Family of My Own supports Drive for Men’s Health!  This event is a cross-country adventure from Florida to New York City using an electric car to raise health awareness for men. This cause helps to raise awareness about men’s fertility and reproductive health issues.…

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