Elizabeth Carellas, Director of A Family of My Own Fertility and Adoption Conference

I feel like I’ve been there done that in the world of fertility and adoption, and ‘get it’.  In the faces of hopeful parents to be, I see myself 15 years ago when we walked into a Resolve meeting and sat way in the back wondering what to do next.  Rather than family building difficulties and success becoming a distant memory, there was a strong calling to reach out and help others.

My husband and I adopted two children internationally needing extensive medical attention, and when reproductive technology advanced, and in my early 40′s, conceived our third child.  I feel fortunate to have met physicians and professionals that understood the need to go through the treatment and adoption process, even though there appeared to be many obstacles to successfully bring a child home.  Infertility is something you live with for the rest of your life,  even more so when you don’t get a chance to try and there is the forever nagging ‘what if’?

Our  hope is through the Family of My Own Fertility & Adoption Conferences, we will provide attendees with the most current information in a rapidly changing field.  We want attendees to feel they have gained sound, reliable resources to take the next step.  One year from now, we look forward to hearing from attendees, whether they are still on their journey, taking a pause, or preparing for a new arrival, that the conference was worthwhile way to spend the day as they sought answers to plan a family of their own.

After graduating from George Mason University in Virginia with a focus on health policy and economics,  I was a Policy Analyst at the National Practitioner Data Bank, as established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  In addition, I have been on staff as a Marketing Director and Office Manager with a successful fertility practice.


Preya Shivdat, Director of A Family of My Own Fertility and Adoption Conference

Fertility is a journey that most of us never thought we would experience. Yet some of us have to travel that path to become parents and achieve the family we desperately want. I have traveled this road and I am happy to say that I have completed my family. But it was not without pain and heartache. I have heard from real men and women with stories of their own pain. My goal is for these educational conferences to touch those lives in some way. I hope that we can offer education and inspiration to those who need it the most. I know that we can get our message out and achieve our goals if we all work together. I encourage you to take the first step and attend an event that will help you achieve A Family of Your Own.

I began my career in the travel industry in a public relations role with Walt Disney Attractions and the Orlando CVB. I bring with me more than 15 years of event management and fundraising experience including a position with a leading  Tradeshow Management Team.

I graduated from The University of South Florida with a BA in Mass Communications. I am married to my best friend of 17 years and we are the proud parents of two boys.