New Mom? Here are Four Productivity Tips to Keep You Sane


It’s no secret – being a new mom means starting a new life.

If it’s your first baby, nothing can prepare you for the changes you need to make. Where previously you were alone (or with your spouse), now you have a little human being needing you 24 hours a day. With such a huge and time consuming responsibility, many new mothers get overwhelmed.

They attempt to do too many things at once, thinking they can do the same things like before the baby arrived. If you have a new member of the family and you find yourself running out of time and power, here are four productivity tips for new moms you can use to improve time management.

1 – Admit what you can accomplish in a day

Some women are natural super moms. But most women are just ordinary mortals. Instead of trying to become a super mom yourself and failing, admit to what you can accomplish. When you admit what you can accomplish, you take off the pressure of having to do things you know you don’t have time for. It also frees up your emotions from guilt and makes you productive doing what you can do.

2 – Don’t underestimate the power of planning

If you rarely planned before, now is the time to do it right. Every little advantage you can get goes a long way to help you raise a beautiful and healthy child. Plan ahead and create a schedule for regular household chores and even meal menus. Also plan for details that can save time such as keeping an extra diaper bag in the care for emergencies. But know that things can and often don’t go according to plan, so when that happens stay flexible and adjust to the changes.

3 – Accept other people’s help

New moms are very protective of their baby, and that’s OK. But you don’t have to be protective about the details about taking care of your baby. When other people – such as family members or friends – offer to help, say Yes! You can ask them to help you with the chores you have planned or other simple tasks that don’t involve handling the baby directly. Most people will be glad to help you.

On the opposing side of accepting help, learn to say No! If other people ask for your time or energy for a project or other task, it’s alright to decline. At first, it may feel difficult to say no when someone asks for help, but it reserves your energy and time to attend the baby. Alternatively, you can say yes once you have a working system in place where you can take care of the baby seamlessly.

4 – Simplify the process

Talking about creating a working system, think about simplifying your tasks. Instead of seeing a chore as one big task to do, figure out if it can be broken down into small chores. These small chores should only take a short time so you can finish them when the baby sleeps or other pauses. Once you get the rhythm of your baby, you can adjust chores around that rhythm to streamline the process.

As many parents realize, there is no school for parenting. Even if there is, each baby is a different challenge. These productivity tips for new moms aim to give you a guideline to help you become productive and happy while still taking good care of your baby.