A New Mother’s Guide to Post Pregnancy Workout Plan

A post pregnancy workout plan is something that every new mother should consider. It does not matter that you never went to the gym before you became pregnant, you will want to exercise to lose the additional weight you have gained during the pregnancy. There are a number of tips that you should consider when you create your post pregnancy workout plan.

Start Slow

A lot of new mothers make the mistake of assuming that they will be able to go back to the workout routine they had before the pregnancy. This is a big mistake because you have been off for 9 months and will not be as fit as you were. You also have to consider how you gave birth because this could affect how quickly you can start working out again.

Women who have cesarean sections will need to wait at least 6 weeks before they start slowly exercising again. If you gave birth naturally you will also need to wait a few weeks before getting into this. If you push yourself too hard too fast you will be setting your body back. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t go for a nice slow walk around during this time.

Do Not Start With Heavy Exercise

When you get back to working out you should look for some low impact exercises to start with. Water classes should be looked at along with mild yoga. Lifting weights and high-intensity workouts need to be left for a while. If you start with the heavy exercise you could injure yourself as the body is still recovering from labor.

Start With Walking

The first part of your post pregnancy workout plan should actually be to start walking. Walking is a gentle cardiovascular exercise that is completely natural. You will also be able to give your baby some fresh air by taking them on the walk with you. If you feel you will get bored with walking then you need to look at swimming.

You do not have to go to a water-based exercise class as normal swimming works well. Swimming is considered low-impact, but it will work many different parts of your body. Getting your body ready for further exercise is essential when you are starting.

Look At The Abdominal Muscles

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles are stretched and you will want to get them back to their regular firmness. Looking at exercises such as crunches and planks will help to work these muscles. This is particularly important for women who have suffered a separation of the abdominal muscles. This is something your doctor can check for when you go for the 6 week check up. However, if this is the case you must not overwork the muscles and you might want to take it easier on the crunches.

Hydrate And Rest

Part of your plan should be when you will rest and monitoring how hydrated you are. You need to stay hydrated when you start particularly if you are going to breastfeed. You also need to plan time to rest because exercise and a new baby will be tough on the body.…

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Concerns About Naturally Getting Pregnant After 40

The average age of pregnancy is higher today than it was in the past. A few decades ago, the average age when a woman gave birth to a child is in her mid-20’s. Nowadays, women are delaying getting married and having children in favor of a career or other life pursuit. As an effect, the average age of giving birth has increased to late-20’s. On top of that, there is a triple increase in the number of women who give birth after reaching 40 years of age.

Giving birth at such age has complications, especially if you are thinking about getting pregnant after 40 naturally without using artificial procedures such as in vitro fertilization or enzyme therapy. The risks involved include:

  • difficulty in conception (caused by the reproductive health of your partner who is also at a mature age)
  • a higher risk of miscarriages (due to your body’s decreasing strength)
  • and other health factors that can become an obstacle in giving a healthy birth

Although there are various issues that can make it difficult, the primary problem when giving birth at a mature age is caused by ovarian cycle issues, according to a study conducted by Dr. D. Navot. He says that if the ovarian cycle is restored to the normal state, then the reproductive organs of a woman in her 40’s is capable of conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy to full term.

The ovarian cycle is affected by the hormonal balance. The lifestyle of modern women tend to be not healthy in terms of nutrition, exercise, and stress levels. If the normal balance of hormones important for reproducing is restored then it can help to improve the chances of conceiving and getting pregnant.

One of the major health risks that threaten your hormonal balance is obesity. Obesity is an endemic physical condition that many men and women have. According to research, it is a primary cause of infertility and can also disturb the normal ovarian cycle. Therefore, one of the ways to return your ovarian cycle to a normal state is by maintaining a healthy body weight.

You can maintain a good body weight by eating healthy nutrition and doing exercise. Some of the foods you should increase in your diet include vegetables, especially green vegetables. Vegetables worthy of being on your list are: broccoli, cabbage, spinach, wheat grass, and others.

Wheat grass is considered a super food. Super foods are a good option here because they are rich in nutrition but low in calories and free from harmful chemicals that are found in processed foods. You probably already have super foods stocked in your home but you are unaware of it. Another green vegetable that is a super food is kale which has many nutrients for many health benefits.

For your protein needs, you can eat eggs. Eggs provide amino acids and other micro nutrients that are essential for pregnancy. Getting enough nutrients and protein from these sources helps to strengthen your body by eliminating harmful toxins, preventing damage, and rejuvenating tissues and cells.

Besides a diet, doing exercise is very beneficial for your body’s health. Do the exercise that you can do, whether it is merely for moving your body or shedding excess body weight. The number of exercises you can do is plenty, and one good recommendation is to look at OldSchoolNewBodyBook.net.

On the other side, avoid eating food and drinks that are harmful. It makes sense to avoid drinking soda and other sugar filled and caffeinated drinks and also alcohol. If possible, eliminate all foods that are processed and contain chemicals you can’t even read (although this is difficult to do since processed foods are ubiquitous in today’s world).

When you combine a healthy diet, exercise, and avoid unhealthy habits, you can restore your ovarian cycle to a normal balance and increase your chances of getting pregnant after 40 naturally.…

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