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Welcome to A Family of My Own!

This website is dedicate to give you the latest information about fertility, adoption, and general wellness to help you build a family full of love and joy.

Our information is free and we aspire to become a top-notch resource to learn about building a family and helping you conceive your first child or adopting one.

The topics we cover include fertility options for women and men, what you need to know about adoption, and treatments for your health to support you having a baby soon. We also talk about IVF as an option, as it has proven to help one 46 year old woman to conceive with her own eggs (FOX53 Interview).

With our website, you can save hours by learning from the information we provide here in one place.

Our Mission

To create an education website that gives information on the most comprehensive fertility and adoption options.

Our Vision

To empower men and women around the world to reach their dream of having a family of their own.


A Family of My Own supports Drive for Men’s Health!  This event is a cross-country adventure from Florida to New York City using an electric car to raise health awareness for men. This cause helps to raise awareness about men’s fertility and reproductive health issues.…

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