How to Help a Child: Adoption, Foster Care, or Sponsor?

A few months ago was National Adoption Month. There was a lot of action online in blog posts and on social media calling us to learn more and take action to help a child in need. Consider what you can do to help the cause!

There are many different ways to help children in need. As a religious person, I struggle to look away from those suffering on this earth. We are called by God not to ignore those in need. We must take action and help those who are suffering.

What are YOU doing to help our worlds children?

How are you stepping up to help those in need?

It’s saddening to know that not all children are given the same amazing start in life that we are blessed to experience. Did you know that there are many ways to help a child?

Have you ever considered adoption?

I am not saying that if you have not adopted a child you are not doing your part. As a matter of fact, many women don’t adopt children to save them, but instead to become a mother. If you have ever wondered about adoption, at least look into your options.

Perhaps foster care is where you need to be?

So many children in your own community need a stable environment where they can feel safe, cared for and loved. This is not always a feel good task. Please don’t jump into it thinking it will be.

It can be difficult, and perhaps in the thick of it not very rewarding at all. But the rewards don’t hide forever. You can make a difference in a child’s life without adopting them.

Foster care was originally set up to be a safe but temporary place for a child to go while their home situation was returned to a stable environment. I do realize that is not always the case and from there came the foster to adopt programs. But it points out that there are many avenues you could help!

I encourage you to listen to this podcast episode by Jamie Ivey if you are curious at all about fostering. Perhaps listening to these lovely ladies chat about their experiences in a casual environment will open your eyes to what fostering is all about and if it is something you want to pursue further.

What about sponsoring a child?

There is an organization called Compassion Canada and what they can do for children all over this world is a blessing. They have an amazing program where you can have the opportunity to bless a child by sponsoring them and encouraging them through letters.

By doing this you are helping this child be fed, go to school, and get the medical help that they need.

Yes, they will be blessed, but the really cool thing is that you will be blessed too!

You see it’s not just about giving money and then forgetting about this child. It’s about forming a relationship. You get to write back and forth to the children you sponsor, you get to learn about each other, and see that people live differently in different places in our world.

It’s a good chance to learn all about having a giving spirit and how to pray for another person. You can learn to sacrifice your time to think of someone else!

You are caring for someone in need and the results can be spread far and wide from there. I highly encourage you to check out Compassion Canada and become involved in another child’s life.

Perhaps you don’t feel called to take action and sign up, and maybe adoption or foster care isn’t something you feel you need to do.

Have more money than time?

There are so many needs and charities out there and life can become busy in a flash. I urge you to consider donating to one of the below charities as many families need help saving up to be able to adopt.

Abba Canada – This is an amazing program dedicated to helping families waiting to adopt. Your family can receive a grant from them.

Adopt Together – This is a crowd funding site that American’s use to request funds for their adoption. They set up a profile and start fund raising just like that! Scroll to the bottom and any one of the families listed would be thrilled to be blessed through a donation.

What about becoming a prayer warrior?

Your prayers are needed! You can still be a help on this earth just by praying.

Finally, consider volunteering

Try calling up your local agency and asking if they need a volunteer for anything. I am sure they can find something for you to do! Perhaps make a nutritious meal plan for children at orphanages? Or hosting a fundraiser for your agency is your thing?Adoption agencies often have more expenses then they can handle and something like that would be very appreciated.

I hope this list has helped you see that there are so many ways to help children in need. This post was meant to get you thinking and researching. The links shared are of course just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure you can hit up Google or your local church for many more suggestions!

Please consider what YOU can do to help God’s children … that is all.