Yoga exercises can help with increasing your fertility and chances of pregnancy. Though there is no guarantee, many women have found success becoming pregnant after following yoga exercises that focus on reproductive health. Here are the best fertility yoga DVDs that you can follow:

1. Bend, Breathe, and Conceive

This DVD is a fertility yoga practice with Anna Davis, PhD. Anna is a certified yoga instructor and neurophysiologist who has been practicing yoga for more than 25 years. She developed this yoga routine to help couples who are trying to get pregnant.

The good thing about this DVD is that it’s designed for beginners who haven’t done yoga, to experts who already have experience with it. However, since the pace is rather fast, many beginners find it difficult to keep up with the poses during the first try.

In this DVD, you will learn practices that act as a relief for stress and builds balance to promote a healthy and fertile reproductive health. The techniques involved include physical poses and yoga breathing combined with meditation to unify the mind, body, and spirit.

Bend, Breathe, and Conceive consists of a 20-minute introduction about the connection between fertility and yoga. The practice itself is a 60-minute yoga routine with a guided relaxation. You’ll need some props to follow along the poses in this DVD: a blanket, strap, and blocks.

Many women love Anna’s program and give it a high rating, though a few did give it a less than stellar rating. A woman who followed Anna’s training found herself pregnant even though she had been facing infertility for several years.

2. Yoga 4 Fertility with Brenda Strong

The Yoga 4 Fertility DVD runs for 60 minutes, and can be divided into two segments if you are limited in time. The techniques included in this practice are not only around yoga poses and breathing, but also massaging your ovaries, and Qi Gong. Similar to the previous DVD, this one also focuses on stress management to help with fertility.

The routine in this DVD will help to reduce your stress, boost your energy, raise your fitness level, make you feel relaxed, and improve your blood circulation. It is not like other yoga DVDs that can make you sweat heavily, rather it maintains a balance, especially in the reproductive organ area.

As a television series narrator, Brenda has a soothing voice that relaxes you as you follow along the routine in this DVD. Her voice is so calming that you might end up wanting to fall asleep halfway during the session. There is no music to accompany this session, which some women love because it doesn’t distract them from the poses.

One woman got pregnant after following Brenda’s exercise for only one month.

3. Restoring Fertility – Yoga for Optimal Fertility

This DVD is produced by fertility experts who have helped many women achieve pregnancy. There are four sets in this program that combine yoga with acupuncture. Each set is focused on a specific cycle in reproduction, namely the menstrual cycle, follicular cycle, ovulatory cycle, and luteal cycle.

It consists of two discs. The first disc has a 34-minute yoga exercise for the menstrual phase, and a 40-minute exercise for the follicular phase. It also has some breathing techniques as a bonus. The second disc has a 35-minute exercise for the ovulatory phase, and a short 15-minute exercise for the luteal phase.

Unlike Anna Davis and Brenda Strong’s programs that you can do over and over anytime, this series has you doing yoga sets for certain moments during your whole cycle. You must pay attention to when you need to do the right exercise to get the best result. The DVD tells you which exercise to do during the days of your cycle.

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